Thursday, September 20, 2012

Boost Your Graduate Jobs Boards Business!

More and more employers are using job boards now, and more and more boards are popping up. With all this competition it is important to make the most of the business you get.
Although there are countless factors you might consider when improving your job board, there are four that are absolutely critical to your success. They are:
• Making your job boards cost-effective 
• Making your job boards relevant 
• Giving proper incentives to employers 
• Extra (bonus) services

Make your board more cost-effective 
If a board is not cost-effective, it will not be successful as well. Your price must be comparable to other online recruitment services, and others, such as radio and traditional press. Online advertising is generally more cost-effective than traditional advertising, but be sure the price is right so you do not price yourself out of the market!

Make it relevant 
The better you can match relevant candidates and graduate job listings on your job boards, the more likely agencies and employers will be to invest in ads with your job boards. Here again, make sure the prices are cost-effective and that clients can clearly see the value in what they get. Do this by providing a steady stream of qualified candidates. This is done be getting as much relevant information as possible from the employers before listing the ads. The more specific the ad is, the better to target the right candidates. Targeting lots of the wrong candidates is no better than not attracting any candidates at all. The more you can attract a steady stream of targeted candidates, the more successful you will be.

Give incentives 
In order to encourage repeat business, it is important to reward the businesses that work with you. You can offer volume discounts or flat rates for employers that place lots of ads with you. You can charge one fixed price for a certain amount of ads or a flat rate for unlimited ads. For lower volume clients, you could offer deals such as every fourth ad is complimentary. Don't be afraid to get creative. Brick-and-mortar retail stores often offer frequent shopping cards to encourage repeat business; could you develop a virtual repeat business card?

Offer extras 
Think of other services you can offer besides graduate jobs ads. For example, you might host CV's for prospective employees. This will attract more attractive job seekers and will also demonstrate to your clients the high quality of employees who will see their ads. Along the same lines, you might offer job alerts for employees so they know when the kinds of jobs they seek are available. This will attract a targeted group of employees, which is more attractive to employers.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Graduates: These Are the Most Popular Jobs on the Job Board Right Now!

The slow economy and high unemployment rate means recent graduates are not only fighting with each other in the job market but also they have to compete with those who in years past had a job. Some jobs are more appealing than others. Jobs that pay more are in high demand as well as those who have a lot of slots to fill. Below are some of the fields with the best openings.
Since technology is ever changing and ever improving, IT jobs are in high demand. Computer analysts are a commodity to any business that uses technology for communication purposes as well as to run their day to day operations. Networking and communication fields offer entry-level work for those who have just graduated and on the job training. Support personnel for help desks and other trouble shooting positions are also in high demand.

In spite of, or maybe because of, the recent banking crises, those who have majored in the finance department are in high demand. Skilled accountants are necessary for keeping accurate records of sales and other business ventures. Many companies are looking for sale agents to help boost their business and gain new customers.

Sales and marketing 
Every business has a marketing department. These are the people who work hard to get a business in the public eye. Along with that they also need sale professionals who can sell advertisement space or any product the business offers. Sales professionals and marketers have to be people persons. As with financial services, commission is a large part of compensation in this field. The more people you talk to, effectively, the more money you will make. Since not everyone can sell a product, this is a skill set in high demand. If you are not really a people person but are more analytical, marketing may be a job sector for you. Market research analysts devise methods for determining which products and services consumers are actually buying. It is their job to anticipate the needs of the consumer and come up with an effective strategy for getting it out there.

Many job boards list opening for paralegals. It is the paralegal who actually keeps up with files and briefings. Paralegals often have a basic knowledge of legal matters and can assist a lawyer with a number of responsibilities. The starting salary for a paralegal may be a little less than other jobs on this list, but positions offer great growth potential in a challenging environment.

Health care 
In spite of the fact that hospitals are undergoing extreme cuts, Registered Nurses are still in high demand. Many job boards show openings for RN positions. Other medical field positions around the country such as medical assistants, technicians and physician assistants are seeing growth as well.

Considering the stress the average American is experiencing as a result of the recession and various catastrophes that have happened it is no wonder that we have seen an increase in demand for those in the counseling field. Not only are private mental health facilities seeking counselors, but schools need counselors as well as the military and various other professions. They help to promote a sense of wellbeing in the people they assist whether they are assisting in the academic realm, career field or personal reasons. Counseling and/or education degrees usually lead to such positions.

Next steps 
When you are choosing a job, look at the ones that fit your interests. If you are nauseated by the sight of blood, becoming a Registered Nurse is probably not for you. Instead of choosing a job because of how much it pays, ask yourself if you had to do this for the rest of your life, would this make you happy? It is unfortunate that many people go into fields they do not care for simply because of financial reasons. Consider all aspects of the position you are applying for before you make your decision. Happy hunting.